The „Steinzeit- & Keltenkeller“ (Stoneage & Celtic-Cellar) is themed „Stoneage till Wine-time“. It represents the first museum of archeology, housed in an old presshouse with the typical vault of an austrian cellar-lane, famous for that part of the country.

In a most picturesque lane of the quiet village of Platt, the encounter of wine- and prehistoric-culture takes place. More connected than you would ever think!

Now, it is more than understandable, that Platt has become Theme Village for „Archeology & Wine“ in the year 2008.  

Unique finds, as a part of the long history of settlement (more than 7000 years lasting), are presented in the „Steinzeit- & Keltenkeller“-museum. All the finds originate from excavations in Platt.

In the Steinzeit- & Keltenkeller-cellar you will enjoy the ceramic highlights of the ditchring-time (Lengyelkultur) and of the „Funnelbeaker culture“.

You may look forward to exciting funds of the copper and bronze age, all found in Platt, by the residents of Platt.

The Steinzeit- & Keltenkeller-cellar represents the largest celtic settlement of Austria which is also one of the largest in Europe. This is where the oldest coins on Austrian soil were made. It is Austria’s oldest mint.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy a comfortable travel through time and we promise, you will like that special mixture of precious wine and ancient times.

We are looking forward to your visit!

(currently we offer tours in german only)